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02.04.04, wednesday afternoon

Ah! I think Naoma said it best last night at work while I was bouncing around the New World, wanting everything to happen now, hurry, hurry, so that I could go home. She said, "Chill out!" I stopped and thought that what she said was the best thing that could happen to me this week. Today I woke, wanting to write.

. . .

"I am probably the 489th Old Fart to point this out, but I'll rely shamelessly on the Invalid's Privilege to suggest that you may be setting yourself an unreachably (or almost unreachably) high standard, and that may be what interferes with your writing. I don't have any good suggestions for what to do about this, if indeed it's even true, but being aware of it might possibly help you cut yourself a little more slack." -- John Burke

. . .

Elka, I love you.


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