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eep! how to inflict personal revenge disguised as playing good global citizen in war against terrorism:

"On Feb. 28, an Air India flight from London to New York City was tailed by two fighter jets after a British security screener identified two passsengers as one of the FBI's 'Mostt Wanted Terrorists.' The Boeing 747 jumbo jet landed without incident at New York's Kennedy Airport, where police removed the passengers--a man and a woman--before anyone else disembarked.

'I was a little shocked,' passenger Pooja Kumar, 25, of Brooklyn, told the New York Post. None of the flight's 378 passengers had any idea what was going on when police boarded the aircraft, Kumar said.

But New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said 'some sort of confrontation' between the passengers and a London Heathrow Airport security screener--not a resemblance to any known terrorists--prompted the incident. The FBI determined the pasengers were innocent and have withheld their identities.

The false alarm came one day after hotel security guard Ronald Ferry, 48, pleaded guilty to lying about finding a pilot's radio in an Egyptian student's hotel room, across the street from the World Trade Center. The 30-year-old student, Abdallah Higazy, was detained for a month and released in January, after being accused in media reports of using the radio to communicate with the hijacked planes on Sept. 11.

Ferry's defense layer told reporters his client 'thought he was being a good citizen' by building a case against Higazy. The guard faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine."---AsiaWeek, March 14, 2002


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