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03.23.04, tuesday afternoon

Dear orangepeeler, not much to tell you, but of course I'll try:

At a thrift store, I purchased a silver sequined dress for parties & photo shoots, a heavy shimmery heap of scales, like the skin of a mermaid. . . . I made sketches for a site installation. . . . I put away the notes of one novel & started another. . . . I helped Jimmy edit Black Crown. . . . I finished a biography of Nora Joyce; reluctantly too, for it was from her life James Joyce culled the details to create Molly Bloom. . . . & I lost my glasses at the beach the other night.

Good riddance, too. They were very old; through them, the world began to blur; I had to make up things to replace what I could no longer see so clearly, the distance between me & the world. Dead birds & cats for piles of clothes. Monsters where there were tiny dogs & bosses.


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