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04.26.05, Tuesday morning

If Death
By Miguel Huezo Mixco
Translated by Claribel Alegria and Darwin J. Flakoll
Sung by Diamanda Galas on "Malediction & Prayer"

If death should come asking for me
do me the favor
of telling him to come back tomorrow
because I still haven't paid my debts
nor finished a poem
nor said goodbye to anyone
nor prepared clothing for the trip
nor delivered that package I promised to
nor locked up my desk drawers
nor told my friends that I should have
nor sniffed the fragrance of the unborn rose
nor laid bare my roots
nor answered an overdue letter
because I haven't even washed my hands
nor known a son
or gone hiking in unknown countries
nor do I know the sea's seven sails
nor the song of mariners
If death should come
please tell him I understand
and to wait a bit
because I haven't kissed my sweetheart goodbye
nor shaken my hands with my family
nor dusted my books
nor whistled my favorite song
nor become reconciled with my enemies
tell him I haven't yet attempted suicide
nor seen my people freed
tell him if he comes to return tomorrow
that it's not because I fear him but because
I haven't even set off along the road


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