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05.20.05, friday night

(God, this is probably silly to confess, but I need a mentor. Not forever, just a few months. Maybe a year or two until I reach 30. A sophisticated, sexy, older woman. A combination of Isabelle Huppert, Angela Carter, Grace Paley and Colette. A woman who has traveled around the world by herself. A woman who will write letters to me bearing an elegant and yet demonic style. A woman who is unlike my mother, a woman who is neither exhausted, disappointed, nor envious of youth. A woman who would not ignore her daughter's existence. A woman who would insist that I tattoo the word discipline on my left wrist. A woman who would not discourage my wayward disposition but show me how to find the silver thread that will lead me out of the Forest of Despair whenever I find myself in it.)


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