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05.21.05, saturday night

cardamom rose ice cream from the bombay creamery; coffee & newspapers at dolores cafe; pate on burnt toast & two slices of cantaloupe; a cool glass of vermouth in jethu's redwood-beamed living room; flourless chocolate cake by sidewalk with rini; garlicky mussels & beer with vina; a nice long walk, elka & the flea market tomorrow! (pssssttttt! and write your damn novel, geez.)

what a rare week to myself. but dreaming of jimmy's baby blues, oh life, oh future i cannot imagine in words, only in pictures.

. . .

firecrackers?! armed forces day? whoop-dee-da-li-doo-doo. brilliant flowers growling in the sky; bruises blooming in places where they shouldn't bloom. hold my skull, i'll call you back.

. . .

the fireworks end and there are still pieces of night to put back together. where are the king's men? the ladies with their needles and silver thread?

. . .

"A study on American nuns showed that the most imaginative nuns had the longest lifespans."


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