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12.08.05, thursday evening

"Thomas Mann said a writer was someone for whom writing was harder than it is for other ppl. I had so hard a time learning to tell time, it destined me for a life of metaphysical addiction. At twelve on one hand there's all shadow, at twelve on the other hand there's no shadow; moreover you can be twelve, and it can be twelve. If it's three, you can be wide awake in shallows of skyscape, or fast asleep in the deep . . . And the shallows are different every time--sometimes a trawler goes by, sometimes a fox, sometimes an 18-wheeler, sometimes a teeanger with a drum; sometimes a wind with a cloud; the deeps are different each night too, each time entirely unredreamed . . . What could the numbered moment mean with all the uncountability inside one? In one's senses, one's undone."--Heather McHugh, Bomb interview


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