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05.23.06, tuesday evening

Sometimes I want to move so fast, I'd blur in photos. In the right place, I'm no black hole but a comet.

Come on. Wouldn't you want to outrace a useless wish or awful memory?

. . .

The trick is to move in a way that doesn't render you invisible; you must appear to move slowly or not at all. All ears, stone-cut. An arrow singing to its rightful place.

You see a few who can do this in this corner of the world. A flinty-eyed lady divorcee with arms as steady as anchors, who can re-braid the seat of a chair quicker than you can finish your second beer. Foxy Johnny, the Scotsman who smoothly knocks every ball into the right pocket but in a way that doesn't make you feel like a loser. You see what I mean?


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