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08.03.06, thursday night

According to a Google image search, the Phils of the world are up to no good. People either really love or really hate them. You can find them in forests, airplanes hovering eternally above tiny islands or in a palm at night. They are often bald and they smile uneasily, like they know they shouldn't be in front of the camera. Sometimes they are interested in philosophy. Other times they indulge in bad astronomy. They make sloppy maps. They love birds, golf, and anime. They are generally nerds, but have no profound knowledge of whatever they're interested in, for they are interested in everything. Phils hang high. They putter. They are dilettantes with good intentions, a uniquely American species. See Phil try. That is the best that the Phils of the world can do. They try, and try, and try.


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