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06.16.04, wednesday morning

+ I resolve not to drink another drop the rest of this week.

+ Every chance I write, I will not automatically hit the delete button after each word I type.

+ I am thankful that I have friends who are passionate, multifariously imaginative, and kind.

+ Disownment can mean freedom from tradition, from a past whose actors defeat themselves . . . if I will only look at it as such an opportunity. To lament is to cow to repressive socialization. "The unhappy have but hours, and these they lose."--Dryden.

+ Marriage presents its own crisis. About bloody time. And it is about time. What time means to me, 26 years old, at port's edge, wedded, my time entangled--by civil vow and heart's vow--with another person's time. Slower or faster, I have no other choice but to move with resolution and principle.


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