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06.17.04, late thursday night

Doubt, my friend, we must part
for if we continue along this worn path
I will have to break some bones.

Dog me
the course shadow-
darkened, I'll never see

the forks
the mice in the grass
the pawprints of large cats
these subtle menaces
what is apparent
and not.

If you stay, I will walk
to disaster: constant crimson
epidermal breakouts, unrequited

ideas, worry-knotted
brow and muscles, woozy night-visions
day-old villages burning til dawn.

Other friends have gone before you. Go
away like trashy magazines, boozy
nights, bad teeth, too many
donuts before lunch.

Go now, with my past's tristesses
lest I must bludgeon you
with a rolled up sheaf
poems one ton each
a times new roman titanic.

And not just you, Doubt,
I'd betray; if I was Robespierre,
I'd guillotine Regret today!


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