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Oh no!: Wicked stepmothers, lost toothbrushes, fights over unwashed dishes, nosy cops, missed county fairs, never-replied e-mails, drunk-bully landlords who address you as Baby; magazines, like O and Real Simple, which advise you to "let go" and then list what you will need in order for you to let go properly (a Hermes breakfast cup and saucer set, anyone?); insults-received-lightly-yet-remembered ("Chinese bastard!"); statistics (More than 36 million people are living with AIDS or HIV, the majority of them in Africa; ten of the world's 17 penguin species are listed as threatened or endangered; number of the world's refugees: 11.7 million.); and the sense that I'm either thinking too much (Stop thinking. You'll be happier. ) or not thinking critically enough.


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