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08.08.04, grumbly early sunday morning

Spotted on billboard tonight en route to birthday party: "Peace is patriotic." Whatta dumb, empty slogan, like most slogans, so easily altered by a can of spray paint to mean something else the original sloganeers would rather not intend. "Peace" & "patriotic" should be incompatible but I suppose that "peace" can have a meaning that differs from the one I have, one that is not at all respectful of the needs of those with whom peace should be drawn.

A peace as empty as the possible outcome of the equation "Anyone but Bush." As if politics was a mathematical matter. Take one bad guy out, insert another (pro-war but non-Republican) guy & somehow the show will run better.

Nevertheless both are easily consumed, like most slogans, via billboards & t-shirts that you can purchase at the Innerself Marketplace: "Speak out without saying a word!" Protest effortlessly, obtain new! improved! results that still look like the same ol' thing.


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