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Friday, 29 August 2008

Fry sliced garlic in a small pool of gently heated olive oil until fragrant, not crisp. Layer sliced tomatoes in the pan. Use tomatoes that have been sitting on your windowsill for a good while. Fry one side, flip, and crack an egg or two over it. Break the yolk, if you like. Cover with a lid and turn off/down the heat. I like earthenware tagine lids which keep food nice and hot even when the temperature's low.

Anyways, wait till the whites turn opaque, then serve, preferably on top of cold white jasmine rice that have been sprinkled with Maggi sauce. Toss a handful of chopped basil over everything.

This is the best hangover meal, ever. The warm golden juices will soak into the cool, pebbly, salty rice, imparting an intense flavor, summer distilled.

Concentrate on each bite and swallow with care. Whatever fogs, chemical or self-induced, will probably dissipate, or not be as strong, as overpowering as it had been before you cooked this dish. At least one hopes.


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