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10.07.04, thursday morning

Geez louise. I posted in the resumes section of Craigslist yesterday and this morning I received an email from a 45-year-old 6' 220 lb. blond blue-eyed drug/smoke/disease-free well-educated professional swm asking me if I can do sensual massage.

The rest of the e-mail is rather scandalous for a married lady like myself, as this man proposes to be my sugar daddy.

However I think he is new to this propositioning business since he concluded the missive with "Your thoughts?" Wrong, wrong, wrong. When consciously committing a scandalous act or expressing scandalous thoughts, you should never be polite. It is a sign of hesitation to the party you want to affect in such an indecorous manner. Hesitation is the novice's irritating mark and, in this sort of affairs, it reveals an intellect addled by loneliness and wealth.

A major pet peeve of mine is when people cannot artfully execute their scandalous intentions. Be assertive in both action and word and, regardless of the reaction garnered, you may rest well, knowing that you have created a perfect scandal.


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