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10.23.02, wednesday afternoon

A reading list for the almost-last week of October:

Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, which inspires me to write my (so far) delinquent novel about a delinquent girl gang run amok; Espionage #6, a zine by Kat Asharya about location(s) and relocation(s), cities of desire, women looking and looking at women. I carry it everywhere as I transport my body by train and bus and bike while hunting fox-tailed adventure. A September issue of SOMA on fashion, which makes me want to take scissors and threaded needle to all my clothes; an issue of Punk Planet which includes an interview with Aaron Cometbus, because I have to return it to Mel as soon as possible or she will kick my ass to the moon, to the moon, Alice (and what did Alice think about that?); and an article by a novelist whose novels I've never read but whose article, "Stuff: The Power of the Tangible," calls upon the writer and materialist within me, the one who looks at the world as matter for thought, to be devoured and reconstituted and transformed into something familiar and still so strange and wondrous.


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