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>>> three days in Fox's family house, where we watch politically disturbing movies, munch on giant chocolate eggs, and stay up into the wee hours in the pub downstairs, arguing about capitalism and immigration over brandies or yet another pint. In the mornings and late afternoons, Fox drives to his family's farm to check on pregnant heifers.

>>> the embryo of a carnival in the vast lot next to the harbour, a tangle of cranes, narrow gauge tracks, and technicolored seats which are hoisted into place. Jorge and Edwin discuss a worker who is so fat, Edwin says in his lilting Corkonian accent, he cannot reach his balls to scratch them.

>>> double rainbow in the afternoon while Jorge works on a theorem on the kitchen table, amidst bowls of dirty onions, rot-sweet apples and old potatoes. His pencil poised between this and that integer, Jorge explains that one is a reflection of the other as the double rainbow wavers in the hesitant light, then dissipates into white-blue sky.

>>> (di)still(ed) life: half a loaf of bread, knife, cutting board white with flour and stained by drops of olive oil. Cherry tomatoes, a little sea salt.


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