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11.11.03, tuesday night

Assignment: Write your obituary, in 150 words or less. Mention at least 5 cities, moments (personal/political/cultural) that changed your life irrevocably, innumerable desires never consummated, the few accomplishments you can actually write down without wincing. Forecast your death, be it physical, spiritual, etc. List influential books/records/artists. List the names of the people you will leave behind, not just your family if you have family. Distill your life, so that only the necessary takes up inkspace. If you like, write it as you would write a poem. Write it so that should someone read it, that person might be intrigued or even inspired enough to clip and paste into a scrapbook. Write it with the idea that everyone you have left behind - your friends, your enemies, your family - will read it and remember.


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