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11.23.04, later tuesday evening

Ok, what do you call a godless Cambodian girl who makes under $12,000 a year, writes, and is married without a dumb diamond ring to a man some would consider an art thug?



Ok. Some bitterness can probably be detected there. It really isn't funny. The disownment, I mean. Gawd. How melodramatic. It isn't very becoming. (motherly voice): "This is the last time you will ever hear my voice!"

Well, then, here are some names for bird groups that I found recently:

A charm of hummingbirds.
A trembling of finches.
A convocation of eagles.
A bazaar of guillemots.
A watch of nightingales.
An ostentation of peacocks.
A squadron of pelicans.
A parliament of rooks.
A host of sparrows.
A rafter of turkeys.
A pitying of mourning doves.
A descent of woodpeckers.
A mustering of storks.
A wisp of snipe.
A murmuration of starlings.

And my favorite: a siege of herons.


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