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Last week I finally posted my divorce petition, after putting it off for ages cuz I didn't know if this one box needed to stay unchecked. Then A gave me two weeks' notice. She was happy with our living situation and she hadn't been looking, but she decided on a whim to take this place her friend was leaving. Arggggggust.

Like, it couldn't have come at a worse time, really. Not with this chapter I've been toiling over and the course I'm prepping to teach this term and all my other obligations I am tackling at too slow a pace, every day from the moment I rise to the moment I fall into bed. What's next?!

At least I don't look forward to anything; anticipate neither catastrophe nor good fortune, ok? Just be happy with brief fishing trips and sunlight and blue sky between the patches and isn't it pretty caught in the glass of that table? Ah, and my cousin just sent me a leaked copy of the latest xx album. Huzzah for kindred spirits.


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