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12.20.04, monday night

Subcomandante Marcos pens new twist to Zapatista struggle.

. . .

oh whattagrump i am, knee-deep in winter. sure, the foggy mornings are gorgeous, i am healthy, and i have gloves and enough coats to keep me warm til april . . . but jeez people still manage to grate on my nerves. even jimmy. i really do not look forward to the next social appointment cuz i snap, snarl, lick my chops over human follies, assumed or actual. people are problems; i am a problem around people. i prefer good bourbon, sulky black crowned night herons, sardonic louise brooks, creating organizational systems, throwing out other people's junk mail, newspapers, hot chocolate, tangerines, lonesome afternoons, bike rides, walking with the world on mute through chinatown.

. . .

oh yeah? well, fuck you too!


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