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I'll just grieve between 7 and 8 am on Wednesday every week until December 1st. Then I'll be done and we can move on with our lives.

Said no one, ever.

Grief isn't rational. A grieving person may rage, weep, scream, then smile all in 10 minutes. Time is funny for someone in mourning: they will think it's been only an hour since they've woken up, only to realise that it's nearly the end of the day. They feel disconnected from the "normal" flow of time, cut off from the land of the living because they have one foot in the land of their dead. Thus a grieving person has a right to say no to demands on their time, personal space, the breaths they expend between memories of their deceased loved one. So don't tell a grieving person they need a doctor when they "act funny". They may not need psychological therapy or drugs. Only your love and concern, without ego (i.e. just fucking give them a hug).


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