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Since our return from Cork, it has been so off-kilter, I had to ask Google if Mercury was in retrograde. It was not, but there are apparently five planets going retrograde this week?! Missed communications abound. The husband was on the phone all day Tuesday and Wednesday trying to get the business landline sorted, as it has been down since last week. A cow went missing, and then she was found, with a broken leg, possibly scared by a neighbour's quad when he went into the field to collect a stray bullock of his. The government announced that "wet pubs" like ours, shut since March, were re-opening on the 21st, and of course I'm anxious, as the rate of infection has been rising. Plus I have been having vivid dreams of embarrassing situations, ugh! Everyone is exhausted and grumpy.

No writing done, sigh, and I feel like I'm dissolving away. The writing wants, but the vessel is weak and porous.


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