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My uniform these days:
a striped shirt
a pair of loose straight-legged cuffed black jeans
a khaki jacket, with deep pockets
and a missing snap button
a pair of black leather sandals with cork soles
wedding ring and engagement ring
sometimes a pair of small gold earrings bought on holiday, in the shape of stars or leaves

A list confers some shape on the world, on a woman who feels she is disappearing at times, eroded by external demands. Despite the fog that has settled on the landscape of my mind in the past six months, here are the things I noticed at this moment in time, even if those things were just immediately on my person. I was here, even if I felt untethered. Here, attached precariously to a notebook or this laptop. Even if it was only in diaryland, on this wee, if perishable, stake: here.


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