Scribble Hello

05.02.03, friday morning mis-communique
05.01.03, thursday morning may day
04.30.03, wednesday morning no dream, darling
04.28.03, monday night rumps and rain
04.28.03, monday afternoon link; the decay of faery tales
04.24.03, thursday morning bad pick-up line #567
04.22.03, Tuesday morning Nina Simone died last night
04.20.03, almost midnight no more, something else
04.20.03, sunday afternoon happy birthday, dearest brother
04.16.03, wednesday night missing summer
04.15.03, tuesday night sleazy wonderland
04.14.03, monday morning a dream of goldfish
04.07.03, early early monday morning poem by bertolt brecht
04.03.03, thursday afternoon les petits ecoliers
04.01.03, tuesday night the night belongs to me
04.01.03, tuesday morning dream of a breast bared on a battlefield
03.31.03, monday night cucina italiana
03.30.03, sunday night yes, Jimmy, I'm done
03.29.03, saturday night link: weapons of mass instruction
03.27.03, thursday afternoon about heart and writing
03.26.03, wednesday afternoon he has sisters and red and blue scarves
03.25.03, tuesday evening grrrrrrrr! some thoughts on babylon
03.25.03, tuesday night likewise, dah-ling
03.24.03, monday morning when i was very sad
03.22.03, saturday night "it's not bombing, it's air support"
03.21.03, friday afternoon in a dream, dirty feet dancing on a table
03.17.03, um, it's monday morning at the lake late tonight
03.15.03, saturday morning some thoughts
03.13.03, thursday morning she's coming in like a lamb
03.12.03, wednesday afternoon Andre Gide quote
03.09.03, sunday night madly in love
03.07.03, friday morning after hibernation, ...
03.04.03, tuesday night while trying to write That Damn Novel
03.02.03, sunday night shattered rays and cracked nacre
03.01.03, saturday night verdant saturday
02.28.03, friday afternoon Goering quote
02.26.03, wednesday morning waking patterns
02.25.03, tuesday morning Nadine Gordimer
02.23.03, sunday night "and find myself mastered by the fears"
02.21.03, friday morning on whose mantelpiece will it go?
02.18.03, tuesday afternoon worker-bee/teeth for heart-meat
02.14.03, Valentine's morning I'm not the Flower.
02.13.03, thursday evening national sentiment
02.12.03, wednesday night other oaklandlish pursuits
02.12.03, wednesday morning Plan A
02.11.03, tuesday afternoon a letter to the ladies #1
02.10.03, monday afternoon de Beauvoir quote
02.07.03, friday morning no more pho
02.03.03, monday afternoon what i mean by yours
01.31.03, friday night lately
01.30.03, thursday afternoon griffon and shoe paint
01.28.03, midnight tween tues. & weds. :: The Rest of Your Life ::
01.28.03, tuesday night the weekdays
01.25.03, saturday night Uchechi the Poet
01.22.03, wednesday morning Jolyne the Mole
01.16.03, thursday afternoon the tyranny of your memory
01.13.03, monday night >>No Ghost Just A Shell<<
01.13.03, monday night clause #2
01.11.03, late saturday morning to fast
01.09.03, thursday night cold and minding mindfulness
01.02.03, thursday night to Dipti

january 2004 - mid december 2006: a period of upheaval, utter delights, & perceptible changes
september - december 2003: oakland, oh oakland.
from first to first we swing, may - august 2003.
nest-hunting in wartime, from january to mayday 2003.
2002 nearly left me speechless.
2001: a thousand and one things.
2000: textual beginnings.

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