Scribble Hello

12.30.03, tuesday night quick take a picture
12.30.03, tuesday morning stryofoam owls and psychopaths
12.26.03, friday night skeletal branches in early winter
12.17.03, wednesday morning mordicai and death in the City
12.14.03, sunday evening a gull's passage through my life
12.13.03, saturday afternoon existential reminder or desire
12.11.03, thursday night I peed at Dalva last week
12.06.03, saturday morning it's the second day and i'm all claws
12.04.03, thursday morning a meandering review of Denis Johnson's "Train Dreams"
12.03.03, wednesday night lousy customers
12.02.03, monday night I'm four and a half.
11.29.03, friday night Haiku - after a protest
11.25.03, tuesday morning a haiku about Miami
11.20.03, thursday morning a snifter of cognac in the opera house of my life
11.17.03, monday night wayward girls and wicked women
11.15.03, saturday night what a startling way to begin an evening at work
11.15.03, saturday morning scalped woman
11.11.03, tuesday night Assignment: Write your obituary
11.10.03 explode this body
10.28.03, tuesday night a dead white cat
10.27.03, monday night under trees where we have never been together
10.23.03, thursday morning something to add to my collection of places
10.22.03, wednesday morning 3-minute poem #2, statistics class
10.21.03, monday night drunken pelican
10.18.03, saturday night 1st (unassigned) story finished, ever!
10.17.03, friday morning eloise in oakland
10.15.03, wednesday night coroner's bureau
10.14.03, tuesday morning reading matters
10.06.03, monday night you've never held me
10.03.03, friday night going nowhere tonight
09.29.03, monday evening the last two weeks of september
09.26.03, friday night whale quote: the entombment of the source of her pain
09.25.03 edward said died today of leukemia
09.24.03, wednesday evening same ol' story
09.17.03, wednesday night TS Eliot as quoted by Robert Filiiou
09.17.03, wednesday afternoon honey, disownment is not a legal act
09.16.03, tuesday morning outwit, outrun, outwait
09.15.03, monday morning the illusion of closeness
09.10.03, wednesday afternoon waiting for the streetcleaners at midnight
09.08.03, monday night kasugai pineapple gummy

january 2004 - mid december 2006: a period of upheaval, utter delights, & perceptible changes
september - december 2003: oakland, oh oakland.
from first to first we swing, may - august 2003.
nest-hunting in wartime, from january to mayday 2003.
2002 nearly left me speechless.
2001: a thousand and one things.
2000: textual beginnings.

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