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12.05.06, tuesday evening Almodovar's What have I done to deserve this?
12.01.06, friday night nabokov quote
11.16.06, thursday evening history lesson
11.06.06, monday evening a few days in london town
10.28.06, saturday evening a robin
10.27.06, friday evening poet or tourist?
10.26.06, thursday night the 90s
10.21.06, saturday afternoon some losses
10.16.06, monday evening autumn wind-in-trees
07 October 2006 dream of trees, mary oliver
10.01.06, sunday morning nietzsche quote
09.21.06, thursday noon while you were gone
09.10.06, sunday evening don't underestimate one's stamina
09.04.06, monday evening electric picnic
08.28.06, monday night from the west of one place to the west of another
08.23.06, wednesday morning waiting
08.21.06, monday morning for a sixth form reader
08.17.06, thursday evening . . .
08.16.06, wednesday evening anti-war graf, galway
08.16.06, wednesday afternoon rip PP
08.03.06, thursday night the phils of the world
07.31.06, monday night on wedding fetes
07.24.06, monday afternoon a metaphor for galway
07.10.06, monday evening on clouds
07.09.06, sunday afternoon on Ken Loach's The Wind that Shakes the Barley
07.09.06, sunday afternoon on the kind of thinking, etc., part II
07.09.06, sunday afternoon on the kind of thinking one undergoes in the countryside
07.06.06, thursday night on letters
06.24.06, saturday evening at Z's house
06.20.06, tuesday evening dublin in little more than 24 hours
06.16.06, friday noon again dream: hunting bears
06.16.06, friday noonish yes, what i wouldn't give to see you again
06.06.06, tuesday afternoon arriving all the time
05.27.04, thursday afternoon two peacock butterflies
05.27.06, saturday evening (ed.) singing in the stones
05.23.06, tuesday evening just breathe
05.17.06, wednesday morning the history of a bog
05.10.06, wednesday evening death in spring time
05.03.06, wednesday evening more on destiny (i can't seem to get enough of it)
05.02.06, tuesday afternoon on smallville, destiny, and power
04.26.06, wednesday noon the production of knowledge
04.26.06, wednesday noon Barcelona
04.23.06, sunday afternoon swan's song, Galway
04.17.06, monday night spring slaughter
04.14.06, friday night on movement
04.08.04, sunday morning from Letters to a Young Poet
03.29.06, wednesday night Hitchcock in Belfast
03.24.06, friday afternoon bottles
03.22.06, Wednesday afternoon Octavia Butler dies at age 58
03.19.06, sunday afternoon a poem by gary snyder
03.14.06, tuesday morning the sadness of March
03.12.06, sunday afternoon on uselessness
03.12.06, sunday afternoon move on
03.11.06, saturday afternoon an eerie art
03.07.06, tuesday evening how to win at darts
03.04.06, saturday afternoon The Six Strings, Garcia Lorca
03.04.06, Saturday afternoon Hairy Mary
02.26.06, sunday afternoon headline
02.19.06, sunday afternoon favorite bars and bookshops
02.12.06, sunday night the perfect bookshop or bar
01.26.06, thursday noon giant pink bunny on italian mountain
01.17.06, tuesday evening On Girona or Gerona
01.04.06, wednesday afternoon happy new year in cork
12.08.05, thursday evening matthew barney's whale
12.08.05, thursday evening Heather McHugh on writing
12.06.05, tuesday evening Paul Chan on discourse and Darger
11-30-05, wednesday evening Pernod-soaked grass
11-30-05, wednesday evening Doris the parrot
11.13.05, saturday afternoon cirrocumulus tiger
11.10.05, Thursday evening the darkness in our hearts
11.01.05, tuesday evening a dog licking its bollocks
10.12.05, wednesday evening never met a girl named gail
08.27.05, saturday afternoon tits all blue
07.31.05, sunday evening movin' on
07.25.05, monday night shakeitshakeitshakeit
07.14.05, thursday afternoon marlon brando, 2005
07.10.05, sunday morning owl with florescent eyes
07.09.05, saturday morning in response to yesterday
07.07.05, thursday night a brick to the back of the head
07.06.05, wednesday evening the world pillowfight championships
07.06.05, wednesday evening sit down
07.02.05, saturday night madison, yosemite
06.24.05, friday morning Charles Simic interview, Paris Review Spring 2005
06.08.05, wednesday night winking owl
06.06.05, monday night do you need to know this?
06.02.05, thursday night eight more weeks
05.30.05, monday morning List #203
05.27.05, friday night some photos
05.24.05, tuesday night On the hunger years
05.22.05, late sunday night chainlink shrine
05.21.05, saturday night happy imperialist day, i guess
05.20.05, friday night applicants must have a french accent
05.19.05, thursday night boltanski on suicide
05.18.05, wednesday night barn owlets hissing
05.17.05, tuesday night after two afternoons of excess ...
05.15.05, sunday morning no more mornings like this one
05.13.05, friday night Genet on the wound
05.11.05, wednesday evening on earthquakes and weddings
05.10.05, tuesday afternoon two poems
05.09.05, monday morning on moths and wine
05.08.05, sunday morning earthquake along Hayward Fault, 3:40ish
05.07.05, saturday afternoon may morning poem
05.05.05, thursday night disorientation in the city
05.04.05, wednesday afternoon voltaire on ice cream
05.02.05, monday morning Cinco de Mayo, Fruitvale
04.30.05, saturday night a bottle of muscat
04.29.05, friday evening crickets in a small glass cage
04.26.05, tuesday night i grew testicles the other night
04.26.05, Tuesday morning If Death by Miguel Huezo Mixco
04.24.05, Sunday afternoon two tawny owls
04.24.05, Sunday morning looking at pictures
04.22.05, Friday afternoon riding bikes to Berkeley and back
04.19.05, Tuesday night R.I.P, jerk
04.17.05, Sunday night A sidebar to the weird phenomenon called "Hawking Radiation"
04.10.05, Sunday evening my heart is vernally equinoxed
03.25.05, friday evening two owls
01.16.05, sunday morning one last good sweeping
01.07.05, friday afternoon no hard feelings; goodbye for now
12.30.04, thursday morning the flight of crushed gulls
12.28.04, tuesday afternoon susan sontag has died; a burst of tears
12.26.04, sunday evening qui*x*otic
12.25.04, saturday morning martha stewart's christmas message
12.24.04, friday night teeth dreams
12.22.04, wednesday morning barn owls to cheer me up
12.20.04, monday night Zapatista crime novel link
12.19.04, sunday night condensed milk and rusty machines
12.18.04, saturday evening breaking down a day
12.15.04, wednesday evening genius, criminal, or both?
12.13.04, monday night some things
12.11.04, saturday night it's 1998 again
12.10.04, friday evening my house gulps and hisses and pants too
12.10.04, friday morning in stasis
12.04.04, saturday evening the last one
12.03.04, friday night an owl cuz the assholes of the world make me so mad
12.02.04, thursday night owl to cheer me up
11.30.04, tuesday night the call of the clapper rail; Oakland still-life
11.29.04, monday afternoon another owl
11.28.04, sunday night an owl
11.27.04, saturday night oy go to bed already
11.23.04, later tuesday evening some bird group names
11.23.04, tuesday evening big to-do: fix bike
11.22.04, monday night the last of the bouganvillea
11.22.04, monday afternoon peep the port
11.21.04, midnight between saturday and sunday the last ten years
11.20.04, saturday evening bats, crocs, and whales
11.20.04, saturday morning a brief endorsement of Ben Katchor
11.18.04, thursday morning a refugee from my family
11.15.04, monday afternoon keep your heart in the right place
11.13.04, saturday night the end of a bad week
11.10.04, wednesday night rebecca solnit, south san francisco and me
11.08.04, monday night my pearls in the sand
11.07.04, sunday afternoon oh you're trying to teach me one, right?
11.06.04, saturday afternoon the day after
11.06.04, early saturday morning last night
11.04.04, thursday night the sublime future
11.02.04, tuesday morning nodding in the Flat City
10.29.04, friday afternoon some beards
10.28.04, thursday night -
10.28.04, thursday afternoon last night's eclipse
10.26.04, tuesday morning jhumpa's phonecall
10.25.04, monday morning riding through chinatown to the flea market
10.24.04, sunday afternoon lovely things
10.23.04, saturday afternoon the king of my mouth
10.22.04, friday morning custard pies for everyone
10.21.04, later thursday night feelers and stuff
10.21.04, thursday night wedding invitations
10.20.04, wednesday afternoon the first real rain in a long while
10.19.04, tuesday morning .00 per dose
10.17.04, sunday afternoon all the bookcases in the world
10.15.04, friday afternoon an overwhelming assortment of windchimes
10.12.04, tuesday afternoon Half Moon Bay
10.09.04, saturday night this week
10.07.04, thursday morning swm seeks sugardaddy position
10.06.04, wednesday afternoon ah and oh
10.04.04, monday night do/make, to/of
10.04.04, early monday morning stick-shift vs. automatic
10.03.04, sunday evening through the looking-glass squinting
09.21.04, tuesday night another reminder
09.20.04, monday night how to put your house in order
09.19.04, sunday night first post-yosemite exhalation
09.11.04, saturday morning some intact snowglobes
09.07.04, tuesday afternoon all is equally transient
09.06.04, monday noon delicious monster
09.06.04, monday morning a 27th birthday
09.04.04, saturday evening the alien baby who has discovered his tongue
09.03.04, friday afternoon the voice of novembre
09.02.04, thursday night peonies blooming everyday
09.01.04, wednesday evening like old women who don't know when to quit
09.01.04, wednesday morning teatime
08.29.04, sunday afternoon we remember what we want to believe
08.29.04, early sunday morning 24 vs 27
08.25.04, wednesday evening close to the bone
08.24.04, tuesday afternoon some obsessions
08.22.04, sunday night the source of all my sheep
08.19.04, thursday evening a walk around the world
08.18.04, wednesday afternoon where have the poems gone
08.16.04, monday morning the crickets at the cemetary
08.14.04, saturday night like a very old man
08.14.04, saturday evening daddylonglegs
08.13.04, friday night ziggy startdust & cognac
08.13.04, friday afternoon my favorite witch baby
08.12.04, thursday evening :(
08.11.04, wednesday night the dream life of objects
08.10.04, tuesday night husband & wife painters
08.09.04, monday night owlcam!!!
08.09.04, monday morning ode to dust
08.08.04, grumbly early sunday morning "peace is patriotic"
08.05.04, thursday night on birdwatching & babysuckling
08.04.04, wednesday morning blue and black inside
08.03.04, tuesday night august can be a good month if one stays cool & true
08.02.04, monday evening the alleycats
07.27.04, tuesday night my oakland
07.27.04, tuesday evening 60 TPN
07.26.04, monday morning yes a very soft and even brutal kinda thing
07.23.04, Friday night The Cradle Will Rock
07.23.04, earliest Friday morning Warhol mansion moment
07.22.04, Thursday noon Damn those cell phones!
07.22.04, Thursday morning Heer's first HIV rapid test
07.21.04, Wednesday noon the maimed
07.21.04, Wednesday morning i like my definitions (of art, etc) loose (thank you, Roland Barthes)
07.20.04, Tuesday afternoon how to describe "awesome"
07.18.04, sunday night from house finches to bad boys
07.16.04, friday afternoon my third attempt this month to be professional
07.14.04, Wednesday afternoon Toronto, To-town.
07.05.04, monday night welcome to the family
07.02.04, friday afternoon the pleasure of the text
06.29.04, tuesday afternoon pleasure is . . .
06.29.04, tuesday morning dream of a poker
06.24.04, thursday afternoon Preschooled
06.22.04, tuesday afternoon family is a house of cards
06.21.04, monday afternoon synopsis of a week unemployed
06.17.04, late thursday night not-poem/letter to doubt
06.16.04, wednesday morning in chinese, the character for crisis incorporates elements of the characters for tragedy and opportunity
06.10.04, thursday morning wedded June 8th, 2004
06.04.04, friday afternoon moment prophetic
06.03.04, thursday afternoon first and last hitchhike
06.01.04, tuesday afternoon lucky tooth #14
05.30.04, sunday night lazy girl
05.27.04, thursday evening televangelical circus act
05.26.04, wednesday night last day at work
05.26.04, wednesday afternoon where oh where is our anchor
05.25.04, tuesday night milan, jimmy and I at the cemetary
05.24.04, monday night the earth shook a little
05.24.04, monday morning whorl carved in the sand
05.23.04, sunday night on a photograph recently shot in Rafah
05.21.04, friday afternoon tried and true
05.19.04, wednesday night eventful day
05.18.04, tuesday morning derek walcott on the fate of poetry
05.17.04, monday morning Hello Yo-Yo Girl
05.15.04, saturday morning to no avail
05.13.04, thursday afternoon breakdown at the New World
05.10.04, monday night Emotional blackmail, that's what it is.
04.30.04, friday night newsreel
04.30.04, friday morning susurrus
04.29.04, thursday night chop-chop-chop-chop-chop
04.15.04, thursday morning illy not violins!
04.13.04, tuesday morning can a poet be a professional?
04.10.04, saturday morning three door dream
04.04.04, sunday night after our first writing group meeting
04.03.04, earliest saturday morning when I should be sleeping light & shadow; on liminality
03.31.04, very early wednesday morning cliff swallows sighting
03.25.04, midnight in the mood for cream & sugar
03.24.04, wednesday morning like a bottle thrown into a vast ocean with no one to hear it drop
03.23.04, tuesday afternoon silver sequins
03.18.04, thursday morning sin & syntax
03.12.04, friday morning nietzsche quote
03.11.04, thursday morning lessee let's look at some flight plans
03.10.04, wednesday night meme result
03.07.04, sunday night we chase the moon by night and during the day we clip the hair off the dog
03.03.04, wednesday night the black hole of brotherhood
03.01.04, monday night haiti, haiti, haiti
02.27.04, friday night you think you can flee that easily?
02.26.04, wednesday morning storm and sugar
02.24.04, tuesday noon quote from Seamus Heaney
02.23.04, late late monday night the only thing I can say about the whole art show ordeal
02.19.04, thursday night no more double shifts!
02.16.04, monday night no, no, I didn't want flowers or a box of chocolates
02.13.04, friday morning with diadems in their hair
02.10.04, tuesday night pop
02.06.04, friday afternoon groundbreaker
02.04.04, wednesday afternoon yes yes i know i'm very anal about everything but i'm working on it
01.31.04, saturday afternoon the scent next door
01.29.04, wednesday afternoon my father called
01.23.04, friday afternoon rising from the ashes, a new-born phoenix
01.23.04, friday afternoon How to quit
01.21.04, wednesday morning weft, warp & pile
01.15.04, thursday morning weirs or weird
01.10.04, saturday evening savage beauty
01.09.04, late friday night slit-necked birds
01.08.04, thursday night while the dogs run above my head
01.06.04, tuesday night Diane Arbus quote on freedom
01.04.04, saturday night snailing past the first chapter
01.02.04, friday afternoon reminder to self/others

january 2004 - mid december 2006: a period of upheaval, utter delights, & perceptible changes
september - december 2003: oakland, oh oakland.
from first to first we swing, may - august 2003.
nest-hunting in wartime, from january to mayday 2003.
2002 nearly left me speechless.
2001: a thousand and one things.
2000: textual beginnings.

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