Scribble Hello

12.31.02, tuesday afternoon in a pea-green boat
12.26.02, thursday night no more inspiration peak, the presidio
12.26.02, thursday evening again la parrada es mi vida
12.26.02, thursday evening imaginary innocence
12.24.02, tuesday afternoon one afternoon in Paris, 2000
12.18.02, later wednesday night switching heads
12.18.02, wednesday nite give me back my doll-ah!
12.14.02, saturday night the first lie
12.12.02, thursday the dark is rising
12.10.02, tuesday afternoon the secret to chili, Heron-style
12.07.02, saturday night bodies and blood in traffic
12.04.02, wednesday afternoon dangerously
12.03.02, tuesday afternoon cicadas in summertime
11.27.02, wednesday night look for the man in the dirty jumpsuit
11.26.02, tuesday evening "PS + JR, 4 ever"
11.25.02, monday night briar rose and weed
11.21.02, thursday morning buckets and buckets of snot, i swear
11.20.02, wednesday afternoon remembering the dead; today
11.19.02, tuesday evening isobel, her heart full of dust
11.12.02, tuesday night between MLK & Jefferson
11.12.02, tuesday afternoon blackcherry beer
11.10.02, sunday night oh oh i dream solid gold
11.08.02, friday night back to bedlam
11.06.02, wednesday night miserable night for pigeon-hunting
11.05.02, tuesday morning rambling about dream-time
11.04.02, monday night be prepared, muthafucka
11.03.02, sunday afternoon the perfume of friendship preserved in eucalyptus oil
10.29.02. tuesday morning The Amber Spyglass
10.24.02, wednesday afternoon librarian or not, I will be furry
10.24.02, thursday afternoon librarian story #1
10.23.02, wednesday afternoon under the spell of the tangible
10.22.02, tuesday afternoon "futile" is not in my vocabulary
10.20.02, sunday night between hyde and leavenworth
10.19.02, saturday noon rising bread
10.19.02, early saturday morning we read the tarot card wrong; what an ill-birth
10.18.02, friday morning the innocent, the eager, and the doomed
10.16.02, wednesday afternoon pinocchio i'm not
10.11.02, friday afternoon listening to Notorious B.I.G who does not sing about birds
10.10.02, late thursday night midnight musings on war and (lack of) remembrance
10.09.02, wednesay afternoon social change, social static
10.08.02, tuesday afternoon sadistic romance
10.07.02, monday afternoon sketching lips on concrete slip
10.06.02, sunday night nowhere else
10.04.02 culture cache show
10.01.02, tuesday afternoon brilliant pieces of glass
09.27.02, friday night this is not floetry
09.27.02, friday night when will this itching end?!?
09.26.02, thursday afternoon dagnabit
09.25.02, wednesday afternoon Staphylococcus aureus
09.24.02, tuesday afternoon to my latest love, hydrocortisone
09.19.02, thursday morning touch here and here and here
09.18.02, wednesday noon "that was more british. . . now he's trying to be more british. And more grungy"
09.17.02, tuesday evening to buss
09.12.02, thursday afternoon my wildest fantasy
09.11.02, wednesday afternoon adriana hates peaches and mangoes
09.10.02, tuesday night out/in
09.10.02, tuesday afternoon grizzly balls
09.05.02, thursday noon again ouch, sunday night meeting between flesh & pavement
09.05.02, thursday noon mongoose and snake
09.03.02, tuesday noon delusions of penile grandeur
08.29.02, thursday afternoon let this love be the work we do
08.27.02, tuesday morning the Cambodian Donut Cartel
08.26.02, monday afternoon mare, nightmare
08.22.02, thursday afternoon this is to you and you and you
08.22.02, thursday noon pick up the damn phone, okay?
08.21.02, wednesday afternoon snow white, rose red
08.20.02, tuesday afternoon stop listening to the soundtrack for "in the mood for love"
08.20.02, tuesday morning too much cable lately
08.15.02, thursday evening no time for dreams
08.15.02, thursday afternoon another day at work
08.14.02, wednesday noon no mayo, please. just heartbreak.
08.14.02, wednesday morning celestial prognostication
08.13.02, tuesday afternoon stay true, don't be blue
08.13.02, tuesday afternoon black cherry soda
08.08.02, thursday afternoon get over it already!
08.06.02, tuesday afternoon when underwear became unmentionable
08.04.02, early Sunday afternoon anticipation
08.04.02, sunday pre-dawn maple old-fashioned it is...
08.03.02, saturday morning homer, le sage
08.02.02, friday night today was like this and this and this
07.30.02, Tuesday night the neighborhood is lookin' lively tonight
07.30.02, tuesday morning this story struck me harder than a hangover
07.29.02, monday night girl, I miss you deeply
07.28.02 dream-time?
07.28.02 last night there was another fashion show
07.26.02 too much coffee, too many disorganized thoughts
07.26.02 nigerian women end protests
07.26.02 flip a nickel, a quarter or a dime
07.25.02 at the victoria theatre. . .
07.25.02 frog legs, with a side of culture vampire, please
07.25.02 life; the art of life; art
07.23.02 not that kinda cowboy
07.23.02 one-minute photobooth romance
07.21.02 seen and heard
07.21.02 nightly compulsion, the restlessness of my id
07.21.02 obligatory post-night-out entry
07.18.02 the boombox of my memory
07.17.02 how will i know her?
07.16.02 telephoning a reunion
07.15.02 on a sunday afternoon
07.14.02 beautiful
07.13.02 English translation of Manu Chao's "Desaparecido"
07.12.02 je ne t'aime plus tous les jours
07.11.02 oh oh, someone gimme some shoes
07.10.02 armageddon. amen.
07.10.02 latenightandtoomuchcoffeeandbeer
07.09.02 something gets taken away
07.08.02 not home, not yet
07.03.02 villa de vulva
07.02.02 master of my soul, captain of my fate? we'll see . . .
06.30.02 Letter #4: I would like to thank my mother and my father and my first grade teacher and. . .
06.28.02 do you want to play all day?
06.24.02 Letter #2: In the desert, you can ride a bicycle with your eyes closed
06.23.02 Letter #1
06.22.02 omelette & fat watermelon slices
06.21.02 cheese pizza with sausage, please
06.18.02 chocolate fudge sundae
06.18.02 shwarma on Valencia and 16th
06.13.02 the detritus of departure
06.12.02 Mohanty quote
06.11.02 pastrami on rye
06.11.02 lemon chicken hot dog
06.10.02 nomorewhitewine
06.07.02 beignets and raspberry coulis
06.05.02 um, ahem, i might be 24 but
06.03.02 details, no poetry
05.30.02 off the cuff apple pie
05.28.02 rtmark press release
05.23.02 cream cheese please
05.21.02 peanut butter and jelly
05.16.02 big turtle soup
05.15.02 green zebra tomatoes
05.08.02 love poetry this ain't
05.07.02 2 pints of Guinness, please
04.29.02 aw lawd there's a hole in my head
04.26.02 without sanctuary
04.18.02 quickly
04.13.02 irrepressible
04.08.02 oh, those attic troubles!
04.04.02 traces of discord
03.29.02 thin and sinuous
03.18.02 flying uncooked
03.16.02 how to be a good citizen
03.15.02 hubba-hubba
03.11.02 jogging for national destiny
03.08.02 declutter, asap!
03.04.02 Berlin, August 2001
02.28.02 cheap and easy
02.26.02 one belated call for a tough girl revolution
02.25.02 insufficiently
02.20.02 a conundrum
02.15.02 uprooting heart-trouble
02.12.02 political animals, political fictions
02.01.02 all these differences
01.31.02 the state of fiction
01.28.02 the husband of the bird
01.22.02 sweet nothings
01.22.02 time to burn the damn thing
01.16.01 this is not a happy ending
01.07.02 monsters and minor miracles

january 2004 - mid december 2006: a period of upheaval, utter delights, & perceptible changes
september - december 2003: oakland, oh oakland.
from first to first we swing, may - august 2003.
nest-hunting in wartime, from january to mayday 2003.
2002 nearly left me speechless.
2001: a thousand and one things.
2000: textual beginnings.

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