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08.02.02, friday night

Falling in love with you all over again! Maybe it's because you say I'm family. Maybe it's because I could be glamorous or childish or even freaky and you wouldn't even blink. I'm one of the loves of your life. The love of your life. That's enough. (For now.)


yes to chocolit bread pudding! and duck sushi! and unexpected encounters with people who make you feel beautiful and smart and all that. Oh, and sake spiked with chambord, slipping warmly down throat. And to you commenting, "I'm so glad I didn't have food in my mouth! I would have spit it out on you!" Who knew? Only a few seconds before, older man would approach, shaking my hand, "Hello, I'm Armando!" with very European accent, i.e. I think I'm sexy because I'm European - and not only that, unshaven European who owns boutique so why don't you check out the pretty clothes, please? (Thank you, Annie and Niva! Quality. You're quality, my kinda quality. Sarcastic, funny, glowing strong women. Scandalous!)


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