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So what is it about May? Huff-puffing through mountains of books and papers. You want interview? You want essay? You want pint of blood, with complimentary smile? Well, better busy than not-and-anxious. This week, too, is family-ridden and parties, yes; I must house-clean. Please pick thumb-(and toe)-tacks and cat hair offa the rugs; hang tulle and wind-blown branches from the ceiling; furiously mop pawprints offa the kitchen floor; and somehow keep the raccoons from sneaking into attic at night, with posse. First a hepatitis C scare and now rabies. Aw geez.


congrats to paperson on winning prize; annie, your e-mail isn't workin' and I would like to write you sumthin'; and hi, Sri, how's being a poet in medical school? (i.e. William Carlos Williams)


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