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05.07.03, tuesday afternoon

"One more word by Americans on TV about 'humanitarian aid' will make me kill my television. They have the audacity to turn us to beggars while we will have to pay for the research and development of the weapons they are field-testing on us and they do as if they are helping us with their 'humanitarian aid'. Excuse me, but it would help much more if you would stop dropping those million dollars per bomb on us, it is cheaper for us in the long run. As much as I don’t like him but al-Sahaf did say it: 'crocodile’s tears', indeed. One thing made me really laugh with delight, as the Red Crescent cars (Kuwaiti, and I would rather not say what I think about that) stopped at safwan and started unloading, it got mobbed. People just went into the trucks and did the distributing themselves while the US/UK soldiers stood watching. And what did the Iraqis shout while they were around the trucks? 'bil rooh, bil daam nafdeek ya saddam' – we will sacrifice our souls and blood for saddam. Catastrophic, and just starting.” – Where is Raed?


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