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08.05.07, sunday afternoon

Please, Phil, focus on the spontaneous and fleeting, the temporary and the natural, the agony and grace of details.

Curls of cigarette smoke, entangled in illuminated spiderwebs; a snail crawling along a wet windowpane; a swift's rotary dial call, clicking back into place; a great ash, waving its branches in 40 mph wind; an unseen crow talking to itself, the original faery; the sound of coins, falling like shrapnel.

Outside of these moments, you are friend to doubts and flaws, the truest enemy to talents and aspirations. Only in observation of these details may you see how everything fulfills its destiny.

In other words, characteristics of the Everything: ever-evolving, astoundingly flexible, highly accommodating, a willingness to break routine daily, and a shamanistic streak.


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