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07.21.04, Wednesday noon

From "The Maimed", a New York Times photoessay on individuals who have been maimed since the September 2000 Palestinian uprising (which, by the way, does not directly address the injustices committed by the Israeli army):

"Those images may tell us a great deal about faith or about politics, but they tell us nothing about what it is to be maimed. Perhaps that is to be expected: it is easy to romanticize death and almost impossible to make an ideological fable out of having one's legs blown off or one's face burned. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori: sweet it is to die for one's country. Those words have adorned countless war memorials in Europe, Canada and the United States. But one can't make a poem out of walking on prostheses for the rest of one's life or becoming aphasic--not a patriotic poem, anyway."


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