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Oh, brooding swan, how much longer will you wait? She lies within her green bower, as still as ever. Does the swan eat? Does she dream?


Love only with curiousity, vivacity, and endurance.

That will make your trip on this earth as light as possible. Instead of baggage, view yourself as a beautiful set of luggage, never lost, oh, no, not lost, you never had a home to begin with, but ever en route, acquiring new things, new insights, sorrows, definitions, joys.


However, for once, if only today, I am resigned to the "mediocrity" (again, subjective) I see too often.

Someone prove me otherwise; inspire me to act with the ardor of youth, only wiser, if only a little wiser. This term, indeed, has tested me in terms of endurance. I know the extent of my powers, and what more I can do.


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