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09.12.02, thursday afternoon

You asked me what my wildest fantasies were and my first thought? The ability to sustain love. A world without borders, barbed-wire fences, gated communities, and nuclear weapons. A world where we didn't have to save trees and fishies from corporate greed and the habits of Western consumers. A world where everyone could be freaky and free. A world where you didn't have to think about being or saving #1.

Maybe I should just grow up. Cut my hair and get a real job, like any adult who has just turned 25 and realizes that she is always broke and hasn't written that novel yet.

And the one (not-so-wild) fantasy I can probably see fulfilled? Building a fort away from people and phones, so that I can read children's books and glossies under the security of pitched blanket, choclit bar in hand.


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