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11.04.02, monday night

1:: Pink graffiti is pur-ty.

2:: The Castro sucked. 300,000+ people means 600,000+ elbows and 600,000+ knees and 600,000+ (watch those goddamn) hands.

3:: Stupid macho behavior. Like yelling at my friend to throw down a toy rifle cuz I know you were pointin’ it at me, muthafucka. It is a toy. It is Halloween.

4:: Since I couldn’t find (faux) fur, I was Little Red Riding Hood, but armed with a rifle. With all the crazies loose, you gotta travel prepared, muthafucka.

5:: Wandering through a party, I see into many rooms. So-and-so is drinking too much tequila. So-and-so is snorting coke with so-and-so in this room. So-and-so is making out with so-and-so’s cousin in that room, while so-and-so’s hand is up so-and-so’s skirt; no one thinks anyone else sees them. I’ll keep their secrets, but only to a certain extent. So, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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