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11.26.02, tuesday evening

In the last few days ... I was disowned by my brother for falling in love with his enemy; e-mailed said relative that I was pregnant and running away to Las Vegas in Mel's vintage BMW for a last-minute wedding; held a dying bird between my palms and buried it under a gourd tree that grew alongside a road winding narrow and long, far far away from the city where it had suffered a heart attack; attended a vegan thanksgiving at Farm Sanctuary; visited the Berkeley Public Library for the first time in months; caught a cold and recovered via tom yum soup and what the Heron calls "Irish medicine" (aka black tea and Jack Daniels); was hired at Kid Robot thanx to L'Annie; thrilled to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo; watched Times Square (Sleaze Sisters against Banality, unite!) at El Rio's Afterschool Special night and later attended party at abode of hosts of Afterschool Special, Littlecough and Famous; they are charming and new-to-me, which seduces me into feeling that you and I can be young forever, 4eva, like the memory of a dust-scrawled "PS + JR, 4 ever", despite the fury of, the furies, little brothers and Big Brother.


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