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The other night I attended a pub table quiz with an acquaintance of mine, a primary school teacher. After the table quiz ended, we went for one more drink. The night goes well until she asked me what I thought of Trump.

Of course I told her what I thought and she was like, Really?! I love Trump! I think he's great!

Oh, god, I said. Let's change the subject. My husband says we should never talk about religion or politics in pubs. [Long pause] Why do you think he's great?

Well, so much of what he says is true!

Like what, I asked.

Oh, about the Muslims. They're bad. You know, what they did in Sweden for example.

But that's a complete lie. He lies all the time!

No. It isn't. And it's true. Teachers can't walk down the hall without being harassed by the Muslim students.

An uncomfortable silence ensued, until my yoga teacher approached us and started chatting away to me. The Trump-loving teacher left shortly thereafter.


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