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I'm always moving to the beats of other drummers, to what my husband and my mother-in-law want, what I think what my friends and acquaintances want. In between, my attempts at writing add my own, furtive and fragmented.

On Friday, we watched a silly romcom, as it turned out that Daragh was also having nightmares after we binge-watched The Handmaid's Tale. The next day we walked to the woods, dodging bikers and marvelling at the verges dense with new ferns, buttercups, the last of the germander speedwell. On the way home, the director of the local arts centre stopped us on the road, and he asked me to read my essay for a radio arts programme.

The country's libraries are open from today. Retailers, too. We can travel within our county's borders, or within 20km from our home when crossing borders. We can also meet up to 6 people indoors and outdoors. What shall we call coming out of lockdown? Lift-up? I feel expansive, browsing the online library catalogue, looking for books to request for collection.


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