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For weeks the mother-in-law has been noting who had gotten their vaccine and their age, sometimes saying she didn't understand why they got it, envy creeping into her voice. So it was a relief when she finally got her first vaccination yesterday.

I too note the announcements from friends in the US who have received their vaccines. They post about first date nights, first reunions, first hugs, so many firsts.

There were many firsts this week in Ireland, after restrictions lifted a wee bit to allow travel beyond 5km of our home and the meeting of two households outside. Friends dipped their toes in the sea, walked up mountains, or drove the length of the county, observing the countryside awash in May flower. I met Sorcha and her bichon frise Trevor at the crossroads and walked the woods. I hadn't met a person except in passing since the beginning of January. We picked wild garlic among the wood anemones on the bank of the river. Later I made a pesto out of a recipe she gave me; it was wonderful. Small gains in freedom, massive ones for friendship.


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